When you decide to work with us, you get so much more than your average contractor. Everything we do at Digital Traffic Systems, Inc. is geared towards providing our customers with a unique and more than satisfactory experience.

Building Partnerships

Building long-term relationships with our customers is very important to us. DTS strives to become a “value-added” partner wherein we can provide to our “partners” unbiased technical and programmatic support. DTS staff members will work tirelessly to earn a partnership role emulating the customer’s perspective in the accomplishment of work. This allows DTS the flexibility to address our customers’ requirements in an innovative manner.

Experience and Performance

Success can only be achieved through solid leadership and planning. DTS’ strong and diverse management team includes nationally recognized experts in ITS/RWIS and Traffic Monitoring. The management team throughout DTS brings together over 250 years of combined expertise and experience in the Transportation Sector and it is this breadth of management and technical expertise that we commit to all our customers.

Safety is our Top Priority!

Safety is a top priority at all levels within our organization. DTS recognizes the inherent risk of any activity that is carried out in the vehicle right-of-way and we are very proud of our safety record since the company’s founding in 1999. We have had technicians and work crews operating daily in multiple states for the past 15+ years. To help maintain and improve our excellent safety record we regularly provide safety training to all employees, including extensive third-party training from nationally recognized providers, which reinforces DTS’ commitment to safety for its employees and the public.

Customer Service

DTS employees are dedicated to total customer satisfaction by delivering quality service. DTS’ commitment to quality begins with our vision statement which explicitly commits our organization to a focus on quality of service and responsiveness. This central value is applied to all DTS business activities and is the foundation of our successful growth. Underlying this philosophy is the fundamental belief that quality should be inherent in everything we do, providing a sound basis for maximizing system performance and benefits delivered, customer satisfaction, and reducing overall life-cycle cost of operation.


Our loyalty is to the customer, not to the distributors, manufacturers or software vendors. DTS maintains a philosophy of being vendor neutral. DTS strives to provide objective and independent services to our customers eliminating any perceived conflict of interest in performance. Rather, we are “brand agnostic” and are therefore free to provide objective and independent services to our customers eliminating any conflict of interest in our recommendations and service performance. Since DTS is not incentivized to recommend or sell any specific equipment or software approach, we can develop the best technical approach using all the capabilities and technologies available in the industry without prejudice. Over the years, DTS has established excellent working relationships with suppliers of environmental monitoring equipment, having been trained or certified by several the commonly used manufacturers, and we have many years of direct hands-on experience installing, operating, and maintaining virtually all makes and models.