Digital Traffic Systems, Inc. believes in true professionalism, which is why we’re available whenever you need us. We have over a decade of experience planning, managing, and executing innovative projects, including complex ITS projects, and performance-based statewide traffic data programs. We have a proven track record of recruiting and retaining highly qualified technical staff, enabling us to satisfy the most demanding technical, schedule, and cost requirements.
We maintain our technological independence and do not represent any specific equipment brands, preferring instead to assess and use technologies most appropriate for each application and which are consistent with agency needs and preferences. We pride ourselves on maintaining close partnerships with all leading traffic data and ITS device manufacturers and have been certified or trained by them for the most effective use of the technology.
This expertise, coupled with many years of experience installing, operating, and maintaining all makes and models of equipment, provides DTS with unique insight into how best to leverage existing and new field assets to maximize utilization and life-cycle performance to serve multiple needs. How can we help you?




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